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Aspiring Creative Director

Work Experience

Work Experience

Assistant Prop Master
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2020 - Today

Lead in creation and execution of props for the daily show, under the direction of the Prop Master.

Coordinate daily on stage prop needs including prop placement.

Manage all budget and accounting needs for department; create budgets for individual prop builds and large scale projects such as games. 

Build product & giveaway displays to meet needs of product placement teams.

Visualize, purchase, and execute construction of gifts for on air guests. 

Design and install various printable graphic elements for props.

Source, rent and/or purchase props, as needed.

Assist in the daily management of prop team. 

Prop Assistant
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2019 - 2020

Assist both the on-set prop lead and the prop master in creation and execution of props for daily shows.

Design various printable graphic elements.

Source and Purchase prop needs.

Build product displays to meet needs of product placement teams.

Construct and style gifts for guests.

Organize and maintain prop storage.

Prop Assistant
Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways


Supported both the on-set prop lead and the prop master in creation and execution of props.

Aided in the application of graphics and backgrounds for product displays.

Source and Purchase prop needs.

Build product displays to meet needs of Product placement teams.

Purchased and executed gifts for guests.

Assisted in managing a team of 6 day hire prop assistants.

Art & Prop Department Assistant
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2017 - 2019

Assisted both Art Department and Prop Department teams with organization and office needs. 

Research, source, and purchase items needed for both teams.

Implemented Game Catalog with detailed description of department needs for each game.

Created Art Catalog system to track and reference current art department stock.

Production Assistant
Ellen's Game of Games Season 2


Coordinated and organized drop off, pick up, and clean up of Game Contestants for each game.

Assisted the Human Interest department by facilitating continuity photos of each contestant.

Utilized people skills by working one on one with contestants to maintain their energy levels between games.

Aided in any and all needs of the Human Interest team during production.

Tested games and worked with writing staff to improve game quality. 

Production Designer
The Eighth Commandment


Created and developed sets to meet the needs of the production and the director.

Executed and built custom set pieces, including break away pieces.

Assisted in location scouting and dressing locations.

Sourced and purchased set needs.

Production Assistant/Fill In Receptionist
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

2016 - 2017

Assisted all production staff with any needs.

Answered main office phone line and greeted all personnel. 

Managed staff contact list and all staff production emails.

Organized and managed Fan Mail submissions.

Curated Human Interest stories for Human Interest Department.

Researched current stories from Day Time and Late Night programming.

Pitched ideas to writing staff.

Supported staff by ordering and purchasing meals, as needed.

Purchased and tracked office supply needs.

Organized office supplies.

Cleaned and maintained old storage, implemented new organizational systems for a more efficient storage system.

Assisted with field shoots.

Oversaw Interns and delegated intern tasks including sorting and delivery of staff mail and internal office memos. 

Worked together alongside 5 other full time Production Assistants.



BA in Radio, Television, and Film

Minor in Writing Arts

Concetration in New Media

Rowan University




Adobe Programs




Premiere Pro

Microsoft Office



Power Point


Mac Programs





ENG/DSLR Camera Operation

NewTek TriCaster Operation

Google Analytics & Applications

Contact Me

Contact Me

Based in Los Angeles, California

Happy to travel for exciting opportunities!


Cell: 732-272-5371

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